Please use the form below to book your lesson. Available days are shown in blue. Once you have selected your preferred day you can select an available time. Greyed out times have already been taken.

Once you have chosen your day and time simply fill in your contact details and tick the box that says you don’t mind us having these details.

You should then receive an email confirming your request. Once I have confirmed this you will receive a second email which means the lesson is in my diary.

To book further lessons please refresh this page.

If you find you have booked a bad day or time go back to your email and cancel the lesson. I will receive a notification and that slot will become available to someone else.

Don’t forget to book an alternative time and remember to fit all your lessons in within the agreed time frame.

This form is in trial mode at present. If you have any issues please email us or use the Contact Page on this website.